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Daily Dish


At lunch only tuesday to wednesday

Discover the chef′s dish of the day, inspired by seasonal products

Chef Formula

18,50 €

Looking for the perfect lunch meal? Discover our chef′s formula.
Composed of the dish of the day or Rigatoni in its parmesan wheel as well as macaroons and a coffee, you will have the opportunity to taste unique dishes during your lunch.


  • Boiling pot in a shell of chard and broth 14
  • Potato velouté with fresh melanosporumtruffle & diffractionnedpotatoes 19
  • Zesty beef tartar prepared on its parmesan tartlet, hazelnuts 18
  • Pan-fried and marbled artichokes with its garlic confit 16

The meats

  • French beef filet, vegetables from the market & gravy sauce 34
  • Low temperature candied Pork belly, mashed potatoes & its crumble 19
  • Rosé saddle of lamb with its duo of cabbage & potatoes 24

Sea side

  • Cod fish in its nori leaf rolled in dill, with its duo of carrots 24
  • Scallops in olive oil with its sweet potatoes, yuzu, combawa, vanilla and lime 28
  • Octopus stew with its mashed potatoes marbled with spring onions 26


  • Cheeseboard 12
  • Citrus meringue tart 9
  • Chocolate & crunchy pear Royal 9
  • Pralinatedreligieuse 9
  • de 8 à 12€
    from 8 to 12€


For children under 12

Main course & dessert

Dinner suggestions

Tuesday to Saturday
7pm to 10pm

  • Rigatonis flambés à l′armagnac dans sa meule de parmesan 22
  • Rigatonis flambés à l′armagnac et ses truffes dans sa meule de parmesan 28

Net prices in euros, service included